Referral Management

3Another important part of Neobux is referral management, this is very important if you’re using the rent referral method,For those who are using the direct referral method you don’t need to do any of this. For those who’re using the rent method it’s essential that you keep track of your referral clicks because not all referrals are good clickers, as a result of that you may end up loosing money. The easiest way to manage you’re referral is to use the Neobux referrals handy manager, this is a software that gives you easy access to your list of referrals, it shows graphs, dates, histogram and a lot more information on your referrals and their clicks, this software makes management a lot more easy!.

Neobux Referral Manager Screen Shot:

handy manager


You can download this here for free…..

Before we get into anything else there are a few terms that you should get familiar with before you can master referral management :

BEP (Break Even Point) – This is the average needed by your rented referrals for the day to gain a profit, any thing else above that is pure profit. To calculate your BEP download the excell sheet her.

Recycle – This is exchanging bad (referrals who doesn’t click profitable) rented referrals for another.

Renewal – This is the renewal of your rented referrals, when you rent referrals they will only last for 30 days after that the will expire, if you renew them they will not expire. when renewing referrals you can extend them for ether 15,  30, 60, 90, 150, or 240 days

Auto Renew – This is the renewal of referral automatically. You can use this if you don’t want to manually renew refs.

Auto Pay –  This is the automatic payment to rented referrals, when ever a ref clicks it will trigger and pays to keep that ref for an extra day, if your ref don’t click it will not pay for an extra day. While it’s easier to pay this way, it’s also cheaper because you save 15% of a whole month rent.

You can register now by clicking here , Remember I’m always here to help you, If you need any help just send me your user name on Neobux and your message here I’ll help you reach success.










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