Earn Money By Watching Ads

Ads are all over the internet. We watch all different types of ads consistently sometimes without even realizing.  A normal American spends no less than 3 hours every day to stare at the TV. isn’t it astounding for you to know that you may fill your wallet with cash by simply watching ads? if you find this interested then read this entire article thoroughly.

So I’ll be sharing with you, my method on how to earn money by watching ads. We’ll be using a site known as Clixsense, this is a PTC (pay to click) site that pays it’s member to view ads. Keep reading and I’ll show you real genuine proof throughout this article.

get paid to watch adsLegit Facts

Clixsense is one of the oldest and most trusted PTC website out there. Clixsense has:

  • Paid over $19,991,990 in cash
  • Over 6,521,857 members
  • Been out since 2007
  • High paying potential 

The Key To Make Real Money with Clixsense

If you’re not educated on how to make true money with Clixsens you’ll only earn a few pennies and in a couple days, you’ll quite, this does not only goes for Clixsense but all PTC site. So let me be the first to tell you that the key to earning real money with every and any PTC site is to get a lot of referrals

paid to click

Big Payment Proof

The minimum cashout is $6 for Premium members and $8 for Standard members. you can be paid using either PayPal, Payza or Paytoo. Below I’ve shared some payment proof and also from other members of Clixsense, see for yourself:




watch ads for money









If you do not believe that any of these payment proof are real check out the Clixsene payment proof forum below to see for yourself:

$1500,00 Payment Proof

$400.00 Payment Proof

$300.00 Payment Proof


Steps To Get Started:

STEP 1: 

  • Sign up HERE
  • Fill in the required information
  • Activate/confirm your Clixsense registered account. (Open your email/check)



If you choose to receive payments via PayPal, watch the Paypal cashout video above to see how to create a Paypal account. For some countries Paypal is not supported, you can use Neteller, Paytoo or Payza.



Sign into your ClixSense account. Navigate around and familiarize the site. With Clixsense you not only earn by watching ads but you can also complete task, offers, and surveys to boost earning potential. Check out the quick video tour below:


So now you’ve seen that there are multiple ways to earn on Clixsesne, and if you take this business seriously you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars. Now don’t get me wrong, money doesn’t just come overnight doing nothing, you need to TAKE ACTION.

All those payment proof I’ve shared with you, those people didn’t just wake up in the morning login to there Clixsense account and see a ton of money for doing nothing, it takes patient, discipline and dedication.

Overall this truly is a profitable business opportunity, the fact that Clixsense has multiple ways to earn along with bonuses additionally with unlimited earning potential for referring others make it dominant.


Being Active 

As an active member who has completed the Daily Checklist Bonus provided by Clixsense, you’ll earn an additional consecutive income stream. Once you’ve familiarized yourself with this site you can see how the Checklist Bonus works HERE.

Check out this guy payment proof and bonus for completing task here. Not only that, this other guy was able to produce a substantial income stream because he took his business serious, see below:

clixsense payment proof 1