5Another cool thing about Neobux that you really should know about is Adprize, these are ads you click in order to win prizes, you can win cash, points and even golden membership, the more ads you click the more chance you’ll have to click adprize . When I first started out on Neobux I thought Adprize was a waste of time that’s were I was totally wrong, it was when I went to the forum and saw other members cool prizes I decided to check it out & I can tell you I’ve had a lot of success with this.

For every one ad you click you’ll get three Adprize bonus. If you don’t know were to find Adprize simply click an ad then after finish scroll down until you see something like this:


Check out some of my success with Adprize:


10 points

100 points




















And that’s just a portion of my success, check out the ones from other members below:



prizes2 As you can see this is no waste of time you can really benefit from this. So I would advise you to check out Neobux adprize it’s really cool, you can check out the forum to see other members testimonial. If you’ve click Adprize for the first, second, third or even fourth time and did not win don’t worry about it that’s normal, I get to understand that winning Adprize all depends on how many clicks you’ve deliver on it, so the more you click the more chance you have to trigger an Adprize. Over all I would strongly recommend clicking Adprize it will benefit you a lot.


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