If you wish to never miss an ad on Neobux I would highly recommend checking out AdAlert, this is a extension that you install on your browser which will inform you of any new available ads or mini jobs on Neobux. It supports Safari, Google chrome, Firefox, Opera and Internet explorer, It takes up almost no space so there’s no need to worry about that. I would strongly recommend using this if you want to add some more speed to your earning potential.

Follow the steps below to install Neobux AdAlert:


1. Login to you account scroll down to the bottom right and click on the AdAlert tab.




2.  Choose your current browser.




3. After clicking on your selected browser a popup screen will appear just click on add.

Adadlert install


4.  After finish installing you will see the extension on your tool bar.



This is very useful this way you can never miss a thing which means that you will make money faster. Advertisement tends to rest at a particular time this tool will inform you on any ads.




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